Amy de Jong


Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours), University of Queensland, 2013.
Master of Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy), James Cook University, 2019.
Reformer Pilates instructor, Barre Body, 2022.

Amy started her career at Brisbane's Prince Charles Hospital where she developed a passion for rehabilitation, inspiring her to pursue post-graduate study. After a family holiday to Tasmania she was determined to move to Hobart, and made this a reality in 2016! Amy has worked at the Royal Hobart Hospital ever since. Amy has now joined the team at Allcare Physiotherapy and continues to work part-time on the in-patient rehabilitation team. Amy has a keen interest in helping survivors of stroke and brain injury, as well as those living with any other neurological conditions.

Amy qualified as a reformer Pilates instructor after falling in love with the whole-body workout the reformer offers! Amy has always been fascinated by the human brain and body thanks to a family of dedicated healthcare workers.

Amy is a Queenslander who has loved the cool Tassie climate since 2016. She has put down roots in our island state with her Tasmanian partner and beloved Labrador Maple. When she’s not working, Amy’s probably chatting with someone (in English, French or Spanglish), adventuring with Maple, or planning her next learning opportunity!