Brice Pennicott

Senior Physiotherapist & Clinic Partner

APA Sport and Exercise Physiotherapist

Registrar – Sport and Exercise Physiotherapy Specialisation training program

Brice is an APA Titled Sport and Exercise Physiotherapist with extensive experienced in treating both acute sporting and musculoskeletal injuries. He has a particular interest in the lower body, particularly knee injuries such as ACL tears as well as having an interest in muscle tears and ankle ligament injuries.

Brice has a variety of sports experience including local amateur teams, professional individual sport athletes as well as having held the position of Head of Medicine for a professional Soccer team in the English Football League. He enjoys being able to apply that experience to the management of all his clients, particularly incorporating strength and conditioning principals into his rehabilitation as well as targeted manual therapy when it is required. 

Brice is a Registrar in the Sport and Exercise Physiotherapy Specialisation training program, a Registered Specialist with the International Federation of Sports Physical Therapy, current President for the Tasmanian branch of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and a Tasmanian branch council member of Sport and Exercise Physiotherapy Australia.

Away from Physiotherapy, Brice enjoys being outside in the Tasmanian wilderness and you will often find him hiking and camping in some of the more remote mountains within the state.