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Enjoy the benefits of exercise; recovery, getting stronger, endorphins, mental clarity – all within the safe environment of AllCare and the capable hands of our staff. 

We have a number of Clinical Exercise class options improve whole body conditioning and coordination Join in on a group class, or have your physiotherapist tailor a program specifically for your body and needs.

Our classes work on improving posture, strength, stability, and mobility, and can be an effective way to recover from injury and manage ongoing aches and pains.

People choose AllCare Physiotherapy’s Clinical Exercise classes for:

• Specific clinical problems such as pain or injury (following an assessment by one of our physiotherapists)
• Performing exercises in a safe way
• Individual physiotherapist lead sessions which incorporate physiotherapy treatment with the use of various equipment
• Tailored programs to meet your needs

All clients (new and returning) will require an assessment before joining their Clinical Exercise classes. Current clients who would like to join Pilates and Yoga classes with our Pilates and Yoga instructors may book at reception or by phone. 

You can contact reception on 6224 9777 to make an appointment or book a class. 

Bones need exercise too!

AllCare physiotherapy is pleased to announce the addition of OneroTM to our suite of exercise programmes.
Onero is an effective, evidence-based osteoporosis treatment programme delivered in a supervised class format.
AllCare physiotherapy is the only registered provider of the programme in Tasmania.
“When it comes to bones we know exercise can benefit people throughout their life - by growing bigger stronger bones in childhood, improving bones throughout adulthood and preventing falls that can lead to fracture as we age."

Professor Belinda Beck
 - Director, The Bone Clinic

Not all exercise is created equal

But not all exercise is effective. Research has demonstrated that only certain types of exercise improve bone health. OneroTM is an osteoporosis treatment based on exercise designed specifically to prevent osteoporotic fracture by stimulating bone development and preventing falls in at-risk individuals.

Backed up by peer reviewed published research, Onero is delivered in a supervised environment with exercise loads carefully matched to the skills and capacity of the individual.

Want to know more?

Download the brochure here

Rates & Payment

Classes can be purchased as a 5 pack or on an individual basis. Individual class bookings incur a small surcharge.

We are able to offer a direct debit payment option for clients wishing to purchase multiple classes or 5 packs.

We are not able to guarantee your place in a particular class over an extended period of time without prior, or direct debit payment.

Due to high demand, failure to provide at least 24 hours notice of cancellation will incur a cancellation fee.

Different rates and rebates apply across our Clinical Exercise classes and Pilates Instructor classes.


Clinical Exercise classes- Physiotherapist:

Small groups designed to help you move safely in a warm, friendly environment and with exercises to help meet your own rehabilitation goals.

Classes offered:
• Clinical Exercise and Rehabilitation
• Running Exercise
• Strength and Rehabilitation
• Over 60s Strength and Rehabilitation
• Post-natal exercise
• Balance

Pilates classes with Pilates instructor

Our highly trained instructors can take you through a variety of Pilates forms to build strength, flexibility and stability.

Equipment Pilates: Small group Pilates class that builds on an individualised program, fostering independent exercises and self-management.

Mat Pilates: Floor based exercises using small apparatuses including balls, bands and rollers.
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